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"Will there be multiplayer?" / "Can I visit other bases?"

Check out 3 which has multiplayer!

"Will there be a mobile version?"

Yes. This is planned, but there is no estimate. Asking won't make it faster. Yes, it will be available on Android and iOS. No, I don't do windows mobile.

"Please add an option to upgrade all buildings"

You can hold SHIFT while in the tooltip to get an option to upgrade all of that type. And be sure to check out the keybindings dialog.

"Can you add an option to upgrade to the maximum level?"

Hold ALT while upgrading. Please check out the keybindings dialog.

"Can you add Storages / Warehouses / Silos?"

Right now this is technically not possible. Every building in can only emit one resource, whereas a Storage would have to be able to emit many different types. Since this would require a lot of changes, it won't happen near future. Check out 3 which has this feature!

"Can you add an edit mode / Moving buildings?"

Planned for future releases. No ETA.

"Can you add Feature XYZ?"

Post it on the Stomt Page, on the discord or official subreddit. If I like your suggestion, I will include it. Right now there are much more suggestions than I can handle though. I also might not reply. I know you think your suggestion is the best one, you don't have to tell me that.

"My resources are thrown away"

Make sure everything is properly connected with transporters. Also, make sure the network is fully recomputed (No recomputing hint is shown at the lower left). If the problem still persists, please report it including a savegame.

"When will the next update get released?"

When I have time. I have other things to do, too. Pay me, and you'll get updates whenever you want.

"I forgot to save / my game crashed, can you recover it?"

No. Your save is stored locally only.

"Will there be an account system?"

Again, 3 has this feature.

"Can I change my name afterwards?"

No, chose it wisely.

"Recomputing the network takes ages"

Yes, this is a known issue. Also has to do with JavaScript. Getting a better PC is the only option to improve this.

"I can not upgrade to the maximum level in the sandbox"

Yes, you can only upgrade to the maximum level you reached in normal gamemodes. This is so the game doesn't get boring.

"Can I play offline?"

Once the page is loaded, you can play offline. You won't appear in the leaderboard though. I recommend to get the Standalone to get the best experience though!

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